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IndusViva International


IVIPL unites caring with natural resource exploration and research to make life better for people around the world.

Across India IVPL & IVIPL field force work to explore and bring life-changing healthcare products to those who need them, improve the understanding and management of Health, lifestyle disease, and give back to communities through philanthropy and volunteerism.

We were founded in 2016 by Mr. Anzar, a man committed to creating high-quality Botanical extracts, natural medicines that meet real needs. More than a decade later, we are passionate about building on this precedent in our continued pursuit to make life better for individuals, communities,
and the world around us.

IVIPL’s heritage and values are the foundation of our promise to unite caring with researched Natural product to make life better for people around the world.




Viva Products are formulated & developed by Bio-Actives Japan Corp. Tokyo, as per the Japanese Standards, carries 100% money back guarantee and AYUSH Premium Certification.
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IVIPL is interacting with various accreditation & certification bodies and conforms to their quality requirement. The diverse authorities are listed below: A. Statutory Compliance B. Regulatory Compliance C. Corporate Compliance
D. Safety, environmental Compliance

Quality Compliance & Certifications:

Corporate Quality Affairs:

IVIPL Corporate Quality Assurance department is playing a major role in maintaining the effective quality compliance by staging various pharmaceutical cGMP functions through QMS, TQM, training, effective documentation with traceability. IVIPL ensures that all functional departments of corporate office & contract manufacturing sites have their operating procedures updated periodically according to the demand of current industry scenario. Adequate software & electronic controls are being implemented to assure the synchronous function of Men, material, processing flow.

Regulatory Compliance:

IVIPL regulatory Department has a team of proactive professionals grouped from the desire of company to protect the consumer health, customer expectations by controlling safety and efficacy of the products in areas including Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and related health products. IVIPL regulatory affairs personals play a crucial in assuring that all Nutra, pharma, healthcare products are compliant with regulations governing the industry. They are the intermediate connection between the pharmaceutical Industry with the worldwide regulatory agencies. The Regulatory personals interact with various internal departments to function with high clarity to discuss on ever changing regulation, and to provide strategic, legal, scientific restraint & technical advice and evaluation of scientific data generated.

Drug / Active Substance Master Files (DMF/ASMF) & Dossiers:

Domain Activity:
1. Product registration with International & Domestic DRAs, MOHs, DOHs, FDAs etc.
2. Interaction with regulatory authority during onsite audits, certifications
3. Preparation, Review and approval of ASMF, DMF, the technical packages, Dossiers.
4. Technical training to the required departments.

Formulation R & D:

Overview :

For over a decade, we have worked tirelessly to explore Natural & Nature-similar health supplements that make life better. From the process development of energy rich Beverages to the manufacturing of the High values botanical extracts that are being referenced in multiple pharmacopoeias, we have been pioneers behind breakthroughs against some of humanity’s most stubborn and devastating diseases.

We bring this same determination to our work today, uniting our expertise with the creativity of research partners across the globe to keep finding ways to make life better. This determination starts in the IVIPL’s research Facility where IVIPL employees work to discover new process for medicines that will help solve our world’s greatest health challenges.

Approach to R & D :

Our approach to research and development – Timely Valued Healthcare ingredients underscores the importance of creating value for our stakeholders by accelerating the flow of active substances that lead to improved customer outcomes. Whether it’s a compound we are developing the process on our own or through a partnership, our priority is getting affordable high quality material in a timely manner.

Internal R&D: We recognize the importance of investing in one of our most valuable assets top -class eminent scientists who are working tirelessly to research and develop potential active natural medicinal ingredient faster than ever before. We always strive to complement this work with the best research approach outside the company.

Collaborations: IVIPL is proud to be a leader in Farmer-Industry partnerships and we are committed to bringing great minds together to help solve tough botanical & biotechnological challenges, accelerating breakthroughs for customers who need them, and increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of bringing new segment of natural active substances to customers. Collaboration can bring together a wealth of knowledge and build upon existing science. In the end, this new model of investment helps streamline the discovery and development of new cost effective substances in a way that can get affordable treatments to people faster.

We leverage our Research and development expertise to deliver effective solutions in five main therapeutic areas: skin health, diabetic, neuroscience, pain, Muscular, general anti-infective, vital organ functioning and cardiovascular disease. Today, our pipeline is comprised of more than 20 therapeutic agents.

What we are working on?

1. Pure natural food & beverage Ingredient Process development
2. Natural botanical active substance process development
3. Process Contract research
4. Finished Dosage Formulation Development
• How we work? Joint research activities.

IVIPL R&D support at Olive Life Science Site:
1. Solvent extraction setup
2. Oral Solid formulation
3. Liquid oral formulation
4. Cosmetic formulation
5. Health drink, Beverage formulation

Research support from Olive Life Sciences.
• Completed, ongoing & planned research projects, outcomes

Product - Process developed:
Botanical active Substance:
1. Curcumin
2. Garcinia
3. Colchicine
4. Thiocolchicoside
5. Capsaicin
6. CoQ10 (Ubidecaranone)
7. Yohimbine HCl
8. Coleus Forscholin 95%

Herbal Extract Research output:
1. Green tea
2. Chlorogenic Acid
3. Centella Asiatica
4. Pomogranate extract
5. Fenugreek - 4HIL
6. Garcinia-HCA
7. Morinda Citrifolia
8. Tribulus Terrestris -Protodioscin
9. Aescin
10. Kalamegha (Androgapholides)
11. Tulsi (Ursolic Acid)
12. Neem Azadirectin
13. Amla –Gallic Acid
14. Ginger Gingerol
15. Cinnamon
16. Aloe Vera
17. Garlic Allicin/Allein
18. Gymnema – gymnemic Acid
19. Bitter Guard – Charantine
20. Sennoside
21. Ashwagandha

• Accreditation, certifications, recognitions
• Scale-up projects & technology transfers.
• Impact of ongoing research on IVIPL product quality & profitability
• Clinical Studies

As part of the development process for Active substances of both natural & synthetic origin, IVIPL and Olive life sciences sponsors clinical & toxicology studies to help determine safety and efficacy of health supplements; and with the intent of learning more about treatment options, disease states, diagnostics, and other associated issues that contribute to the health and well-being of consumers.

Research activity at Ramachandra University.
• Clinical Development Pipeline
Some of the Ayurvedic herbal preparations.

• Advance Innovation with IVIPL
IVIPL is open to collaborate on multiple scientific areas of interest, scientific partnerships, Industry academia collaborations.

• R&D Location:
With research headquarters in Olive Life Science’s site at Nelamangala, Tumkur road, Bangalore, India, we are committed to fulfilling unmet needs of consumers around the world, focusing our core R&D efforts in the multiple areas.


IVIPL Supplier Code of Conduct

IVIPL is committed to acting with integrity. We earn the trust and respect of our customers, regulators, and the general public through the manner in which we conduct our business and their resulting experiences. Our suppliers help us earn and maintain trust and respect by conducting IVIPL business in accordance with IVIPL values.

IVIPL respects fair business conduct in its

1. Workplace
2. Interactions
3. Transactions
4. Shared information
5. Reporting


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Supplier Diversity Program :

Through Supplier Diversity Development, IVIPL aspires to broaden participation of small and diverse-owned businesses in the IVIPL supplier base to levels more reflective of the diverse business community.

Encouraging local, diverse businesses to grow as they work with IVIPL, in hope of attracting diverse business to our communities and creating a greater quality of life.

Utilizing niche suppliers because many times their flexibility and innovation give IVIPL an advantage when achieving business results.

Accessing additional expertise from diverse business brings fresh perspectives and cutting-edge opportunities from an often untapped source of talented suppliers. Business Imperative: The objectives of supplier diversity program are to develop local diverse suppliers which promote the vitality of the communities where we work. Stronger, more diverse communities help us attract and retain diverse talent. Plus, diverse suppliers often offer capabilities not available in larger businesses. Community minority group members benefit as IVIPL actively supports diversity priorities. The relationships we create help us achieve our corporate goals.

Business Education: IVIPL encourages the growth and development of diverse businesses through conducting periodical business executive education programs and mentoring of suppliers. Each year IVIPL selects diverse business owners to attend executive training programs.

PO Terms & Conditions :

• Standard terms are 60 days.
• Terms will begin when IVIPL receives the supplier’s invoice.
• IVIPL makes weekly payments, typically on Tuesdays. IVIPL does not pull forward payments. If the invoice is not due at the time of the weekly payment run, the invoice will be paid during the next weekly payment.
• Suppliers wishing to be paid earlier can enroll in IVIPL ’s ‘Early payment program’
• All payments to a supplier must be made to the supplier either:
1. in the country where the third party's principal business is incorporated; or
2. in the country where the goods are supplied or services are rendered, but only if the third party has an office in and normally conducts business in that country.



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